playing with worms


One day, a family of earthworms felt bored, so Little Worm cut himself into two sections to go play badminton.  Mommy Worm thought, “That’s not a bad idea,” and cut herself into four sections to go play majiang.  Daddy  Worm thought for a minute, and then cut himself into ground meat.  Mommy Worm cried, “How could you be so stupid? You die if you cut yourself into so many pieces!” Daddy Worm weakly replied, “…I suddenly thought of playing soccer.”

蚯蚓, qiuyin- earthworm

羽毛球, yumaoqiu- badminton

麻将, majiang- majiang

肉末, roumo- ground meat, minced meat

傻, sha- stupid (colloquial)

碎, sui- broken, fragmentary (in this case, “so many pieces”)

虚弱, xuruo- weak, frail


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