losing your stuffing

有一只肉包子, 有一天它去喝。它喝醉了, 于是它一边走一边扶着电线杆吐,吐着吐着,它变成了馒头。

One day, a meat-stuffed bun went out drinking.  He got so drunk that he was walking along propping himself up on electric poles, puking.  He puked and puked until he turned into a steamed bun.

肉包子, rou baozi- meat-stuffed steamed bun

喝醉了, he zui le- drunk, drink to excess

于是, yu shi- so, (in this case “so… that”)

电线杆, dian xian gan(r)- electric pole

吐, tu- spit, puke

馒头, man tou- steamed bun (no stuffing!)

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