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explanation of “your TV miraculously fixes itself”

From 7:00 to 7:30 PM, the vast majority of channels nationwide in China broadcast the exact same news program.  The foreigner, not knowing this, assumes his TV is actually not switching channels, but the Chinese neighbor knows this is not the case, and he will once again be able to see a variety of programming come 7:30.


::Your TV miraculously fixes itself::



A foreigner had just moved in next door to this guy.  One night, the foreigner knocked on the guy’s door to ask for help.  He said, “My TV is broken.  I can’t change the channel.”  The guy glanced down at his watch and calmly said, “It’ll be better after 7:30.”


哥们, ge men(r)- a guy

隔壁, ge bi- next door

老外, lao wai- a foreigner

敲门, qiao men- to knock on a door

求助, qiu zhu- to ask for help

换台, huan tai- to change the channel

看一眼, kan yi yan- to glance, to sneak a look

表, biao- watch

镇定, zhen ding- calm