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the perils of textbook language learning

中国留学生在国外的高速公路出车祸了,连人带车翻下悬崖,交警赶到后向下喊话:how are you?留学生答:i’m fine,thank you。然后交警走了,留学生就死了.


A Chinese student studying abroad got into an accident on a highway.  The car and those in it fell off a cliff.  A traffic cop arrived as quickly as possible and yelled down “How are you?”  The student replied “I’m fine, thank you.”  Then the traffic cop left and the student died.


车祸, che huo- traffic accident

翻下, fan xia- fall over

悬崖, xuanya- a cliff, an overhang

交警, jiao jing- traffic police



Intel inside (probably 宅男 outside)


A friend and I came to a red light while crossing the street.  He wanted to go ahead, and I yelled out to him, “The light!  Wait for the light! Wait for the light!”  My friend looked back at me and disdainfully and said, “You’ve got Intel inside?”

等灯, deng deng- Wait for the light

鄙视, bi shi- despise, disdain

英特尔, ying te er- Intel (company name)