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explanation of “so lucky you could die”

Just like in the US, many brands hold promotional contests to win free products, among other amazing prizes.  Probably best known for doing this are producers of bottled soft drinks like coke, sprite, iced green tea, and iced black (or lemon) tea.  Some producers use the tag line “zai lai yi ping” to announce the promotion, which is also the phrase they print on the inside of bottle caps to indicate that the bottle is a winner.


so lucky you could die


Two lovers were going to commit suicide together, but they only had enough money on them to buy one bottle of pesticide, and one bottle would only be enough to kill one person.  However, in the end, they both died.  How was this?

Answer: They purchased the bottle of pesticide and opened it up.  Inside the cap was written “receive one free bottle!”

一对情侣, yi dui(r) qinglv- a couple of lovers

殉情, xun qing- to die for love, ( in this case, “commit suicide together”)

农药, nong yao- fertilizer

瓶盖, ping gai(r)- bottle cap

再来一瓶, zai lai yi ping-  literally, “get another bottle” (in this case, “receive one free bottle”, a promotional contest prize)