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A guy at work often farted loudly.  His coworker couldn’t stand it, and said, “Could you be quiet?”  The coworker then saw him shaking incessantly in his seat and asked what he was doing.  He replied, “I’ve turned on vibrate!”


放响屁, fang xiang pi- to fart loudly

忍不住, ren bu zhu- to not be able to stand something

出声, chu sheng, to make a sound

抖, dou, to shake

调成, tiao cheng, to switch to, to change to (here, “turned on”)

振动, zhen dong, vibrate


distrupting normal operations

小张乘公共汽车上班时钱包常被偷。一天,上车前他把厚厚的一沓纸折好放进信封,下车后发现又被偷了。   第二天,他刚上车不久,觉得腰间有一硬物,掏出来一看,是昨天的那个信封。信封上写着:“请不要开这样的玩笑,影响正常工作。谢谢!”


Little Zhang often had his wallet stolen while riding the bus to work. Before he got on the bus one day, he put a thick pile of folded papers into an envelope, and after he got off the bus, he discovered it had been stolen.  The next day, soon after he got on the bus, he felt something hard poking his side.  He pulled it out and took a look; it was the envelope from yesterday.  On it was written, “Please don’t play this kind of trick, it disrupts our normal operations.  Thank you!”


被偷, bei tou- to be stolen

一沓纸折, yi ta zhi zhe- a pile of folded papers

硬物, ying wu- a hard object, something hard

掏出, tao chu- to pull out, to dig out

正常工作, zheng chang gong zuo- regular work, normal operations